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Oscar of your own story

Oscar of your own story

The movie starts from the good things almost,

start yours with the bad one.

They suffer all the problems in the middle of the movie,

but, you have suffered it all in the starting.

I know sometimes it will seem like it’s the end,

but, that will be the beginning of your story.

Lead your story without any supportive character,

that is how you are going to win an oscar in your life.

Slay yourself the way you want, make your dream comes true,

rather than waiting for any other character make yourself clear to be the one you wanted in your life.

Don’t inspire others, inspire your future self to do better than before.

Make sure you treat yourself you want to be treated by others,

give yourself a good treat every week.

Vacations sound good when you are with your loved ones,

make your time to enjoy those vacations alone,

make sure you would be proud of the movie you have made till now,

don’t doubt it, because that is what is not allowed,

those some rules which you are going to follow,

don’t you even dare to break those rules.

In the end, even if you don’t win that oscar make sure you have lived it to the fullest.

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