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online teachers day

online teachers day

I know we haven’t met our teachers yet
but imagine them in a physical class
all of us sweating and all wet
whenever we do something correct but in a wrong way
that one six feet tall who have all the guts to say that “yes we did something wrong”
and rather than scolding one of you take a stand for us.
that is how we all see you
I know some of us will fight in future
whether it is about the marks or those bad words we talk about.
and without mentioning, our CR will get punished,
and then she’ll felt lonely but we all were there by her side

those polifestas which are going to be the best fests ever
maybe we have been scolded by you
for the things we are going to do wrong many times
or maybe by the seniors sometimes
and at the end having honored by you
we’ll do hooting for the new president
which is our friend now

that last semester
that last class
with all those teary eyes
not only ours but mainly our teachers
but they aren’t going to show how much they gonna miss us
and we cant even express those feelings to hurt them sometimes
that is how we gonna leave without sharing that emotion of bonds

Aren’t we all glad to have teachers like you
whether they teach us or punishes us
but somewhere I know they love us

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