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Some stories are written by heart
some by pressure
but those stories always have something to taught
whether a lesson or reminds you yours stories
mine won’t remind you of anything anymore
but responsibilities of a slut
of every grand daughter
of an elder girl child of the house
who doesn’t even have a big dream
just wanna see their family happy
basically I have a lot to say but can’t not because of anyone’s judgment just don’t wanna hurt anyone

papa, I have to tell you that
that I am there with you in your hard times
I am there ,you don’t have to fought for things alone
but I can’t tell these things

dadu , I know I am hurting you everyday
but trust me our struggles will pay us back
it might seems the toughest time
but we can fought for this
because you taught us so it have to happen

maa , I will give all the answers to you very soon
then you can proudly say that I am your daughter

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