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Feminism: actual meaning and the perspective of people these days

Feminism: actual meaning and the perspective of people these days

Whenever we talk about feminism nowadays, people usually think about the bunch of angry women who think they are better than women and spread hatred for men but in reality, feminists aren’t those women who stand outside the buildings demanding things.

It was started in western traditions that restricted the rights of women leads to develop the thought of feminism. is all about full social, economic, and political equality for women and also it has a global manifestation.

It’s somebody who not only believes but is actively working towards a world where everybody is equal. Being a feminist is not centered around not shaving or being angry. People do not join the movement to be trendy.

Feminism has given strength to so many women and also help them to know their rights so that they can raise their voices against the unfair system. However, most women take feminism as their weapon against men. There is one fundamental factor related to all these problems that men encounter: there is a lack of mainstream acceptance of systemic men’s issues which is compounded by the absence of male advocacy groups with a broad remit to make the case at a political level and the level of the media.

Real feminists such as the Suffragettes,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Walters, and so many more have made it possible for women to
become news anchors, be more than just a housewife and allow women to vote. True feminism allows women to be equal to men. They make it possible for women to work the same jobs as men or have the right to own property like men. Although the basis of feminism is still the same, it has become a more aggressive movement these days. If we don’t use feminism the right way then we won’t be able to fix anything. If we continue to misuse feminism then we really will be just a bunch of angry women protesting outside of buildings.

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