Remember me till we met again

Grandparents play an important role in every children’s life whether it is to give money when they wanted or to support their cute naughtiness. As Asian children, we all have faced it and at some time we all have taken our grandparents to help to scold our parents. We all grow older and sometimes we all have faced the fear of losing our grandparents.

This is the short poem which is dedicated to all the grandparents out there, which is written by poorti kaur


Remember me till we met again,

isn’t it funny to watch YOU grow old day by day,

it scares me the most.

Whenever your teeth fall out,

that ticking clock who forced me to think of the time,

which we don’t have enough together.

All those races which you forced me to take part,

like that midnight milk race,

I have been faster just in the urge of sleeping with you.

But, let me tell you one thing that,

it isn’t the last goodbye together,

it is simple to see you later.

No matter how far we have been together in this long journey,

but I know that your station to is coming,

because the clock is ticking,

and the time is running…….

It’s very hard to express feelings in front of the people you love and even hard to accept the reality of life that we all are going to lose the relation with someone someday.

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