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Oscar of your own story

The movie starts from the good things almost, start yours with the bad one. They suffer all the problems in the middle of the movie, but, you have suffered it all in the starting. I know sometimes it will seem like it’s the end, but, that will be the beginning of your story. Lead your story without any supportive character, […]

online teachers day

I know we haven’t met our teachers yetbut imagine them in a physical classall of us sweating and all wetwhenever we do something correct but in a wrong waythat one six feet tall who have all the guts to say that “yes we did something wrong”and rather than scolding one of you take a stand for us.that is how we […]


Some stories are written by heartsome by pressurebut those stories always have something to taughtwhether a lesson or reminds you yours storiesmine won’t remind you of anything anymorebut responsibilities of a slutof every grand daughterof an elder girl child of the housewho doesn’t even have a big dreamjust wanna see their family happybasically I have a lot to say but […]

A letter to myself

Again you’ll meet new people ,but don’t even try to get emotionally attached with anyone.Dear, I know this year will brings new problems,but don’t forget that there are many new things are coming for you,some of the moment you’ll feel very lonely ,but the very next moment you’ll proud of your self.And the thing is you know the reason of […]