Why Is Africa Starving?

Hunger in Africa:

As many may know, starvation is a big issue in third world countries, like many in Africa. In America, we take food for granted, because we always have it at our fingertips. If we were born in a different situation, in a different country, like Ethiopia, we would understand how valuable food and water are. Many people across the world are struggling to feed themselves and it is an issue that we, as humanitarians, need to understand and be able to tackle in the near future.

Why Africans are starving?

article-0-0027C79A00000258-226_634x493I am eating my lunch with a few friends of mine, and I decide that I don’t feel like eating any longer. I still have half of my steak left, and my friend looks at me. He says, “Jing! Kids in Africa are starving. They would give anything to have that piece of steak! You are lucky to be given the opportunity to be able to eat this, so eat it all. Don’t waste food.” He was mostly kidding, but the reality is that he is right. I am very fortunate to be born into a family that is able to support me. I am very fortunate to live in a country that allows me to express my individuality, and cares about my civil liberties. I am very fortunate to have friends who care about me. There are numerous amounts of people that are less fortunate than me all around the world. Thinking about it, it seems surreal that there are some places where you can’t just go down the street and get a soda, water, hamburgers, steaks, pasta; let alone water and just any kind of substantial food. It is a vexing topic for a spoiled person like me(and most of Americans) (by spoiled, I mean able to get all that we need, and also some things we want) to put my mind across. Now, why are those people less fortunate than me? Why are those kids in Africa starving?

The truth is that many places in Africa don’t have readily available water. We can go down to any one of our myriad faucets and do a small maneuver and le voilĂ . It is a much different task for many who live in Africa. Also, food isn’t as plentiful as in America, but most still have a supply that is decent. One of the main reasons they starve is that there is constant war. This results in farms being destroyed and the supply of food to go down. This raises the price of the foods, so only a few can buy it. Not only that, but taxes are REDICULOUS! An example is in Ethiopia, a farmer earns $68 after he pays off all his expenses. This is then taxed 10% by the government, but, if the farm makes $4,235, any other money coming in is taxed at-now this is ridiculous-89%. Money is hard to make, and hard to keep in Africa if you are part of the majority. As you can see, war and taxes play a huge role in the hunger of many Africans. That is not all, however. In Africa, there is also much drought. This decreases the already low amount of water and food. The combination of many unfortunate circumstances leads to the hunger of millions in Africa.

I have not visited Africa myself, but I know many people who have witnessed these atrocious conditions first-hand. Talking to these people, I realized that I need to help. Everyone who is able to put food on their tables and have clean water every day is lucky. As a humanitarian, I advocate donations to certain charities to aid the lives of the less fortunate. If you are reading this, you have a computer or phone, and are definitely capable of assisting the cause by donating a few dollars. Most teenagers are able to spend ten dollars on a movie ticket so why can’t they take that money and help someone instead of seeing the new Mission Impossible or Harry Potter movie. Come on, it’s not like losing ten dollars will kill any of you; but it would be able to save lives.