Who Is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus’ Visit:

Christmas is the ultimate blender-mixed “smoothie” of a religious holiday and a basket of non-religious cultural, historical and commercial ingredients. Santa Klaus is the top ingredient with parents hauling their kids to the mall to take that annual picture with Santa. Other globalized practices include decorating homes with Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, eating together with family and friends, ducking when the reindeer fly over and of course, Santa Claus’ visit to bring gifts to children.

People all over the world have been celebrating the merriest time of the year with traditions and practices that are both spiritual and secular in nature. With the internationalization of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, Rudolph and his gang and some very upbeat music, the 25th of December has become a major gift giving time across the host of other religious communities, much like Valentines day in February or the completely puzzling Halloween in October.

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At the center of this gift-giving is Santa Klaus coming from the North Pole and entering the chimney with gifts for kids who behaved well during the year. Letters to Santa are fired off by kids early in the hope that he doesn’t forget their favorite must have toy. Meanwhile, while kids all over the world wait eagerly for Santa, other people just engage themselves in the debate of whether Santa is real or not. Real or not, Santa has engaged us for generations and it is here to stay.

Santa’s Mission:

Santa Keeps An Eye on children all over the World.

Santa Claus is perhaps the best loved Christmas figure all over the world. Santa Claus is shown as a happy, portly, old man with white beard wearing a red suit. Western cultures tell us that Santa Claus was once called Saint Nicolas and is a well-known and celebrated figure that brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve all over the world. According to legend and folklore, Santa Claus keeps an eye on children all over the world. He knows if they are good or bad and makes qualitative and quantitative judgments on children’s present. This is SERIOUS power for parents.

Santa and His 9 Flying Reindeer:

The legend has it that Santa lives at the North Pole and has a large community of enchanting, non-unionized elves that help him in making toys and candies without overtime or benefits in his workshop.

Santa Claus also has nine flying reindeer that help him pull his sleigh to deliver the gifts and images of this whole gang flying across the sky are seen everywhere. In some countries, the News Channels track the Sleigh on Radar and warn children that they must go to bed or Santa will fly over and miss their house.

Santa Delivers Gifts on Christmas:

Santa Claus is also believed to deliver the gifts by entering through the house’s chimney. This story originates from the story of Saint Nicholas where he tosses coins to poor families through the windows and later on down the chimney.

This was beautifully illustrated by 19th century writer Clement Clarke Moore in his poem called A Visit from Saint Nicholas and promoted by Coke to boost sales of Cokes left for Santa on Christmas eve.