What You Know About Eyeliner May Be Wrong

Every girl has that one make-up thing that she refuses to leave the house without. For some girls, it is eyeliner. Eyeliner is a great solution to boost your eyes and make them more remarkable. Black seems to be the color of taste, but brown is sometimes used for a subtle enriching of the eyes. Many girls find it hard to apply. Even though it does take practice, sometimes it’s the kind of eyeliner you’re employing that’s getting in the way.

Give me the stick:

Many women are familiar with the eye pencil. It’s most likely the first kind of eyeliner you try when you want to experiment with eye makeup. There are definite ideas to implementing it that will make things easier. Some women will warm it up with a lighter for a smooth finish. Some women like to set it in the freezer instead. Gradually pulling your eyelid tight will help keep your eye pencil from creating broken lines on your own lid. Now, there are mechanical eyeliner pens available that make it simpler to smooth on your lid.

Give me the bottle:

Women who have trouble with an eye pencil may prefer liquid instead. Liquid eyeliner comes in a little bottle and is known to leave a glossy and classy finish. There is a more comprehensive coverage of no smudge eyeliner on this website. With liquid eyeliner, girls can wear bright eye shadows without looking like a clown. Although liquid eyeliner glides on easily, some girls find it dirty, especially if you accidentally put it in the wrong spot.

Give me the jar:

What type of eyeliner comes in a jar? Gel eyeliner, naturally! Gel eyeliner gives the easy application of the eye pencil matched with the glossy finish of liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is applied with a make-up brush, and some women prefer this method as you can pat and slide eyeliner on. It is not too rough like the eye pencil and not as runny as liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is, in addition, versatile since makeup brushes of different sizes may be utilized to accomplish different results.