Quick Stats On High Heel Shoe Chairs

So I lately bought a chair in the shape of a high heel. It seems larger in Photograph’s online but in person its a tad smaller. To me it is more of a slipper chair. And perfect for a dressing room or bedroom though it could be used as additional chairs in a livingroom if needed be.

My Father and I went this morning to pick it up. It arrived on Wednesday but because I don’t drive my Dad and I ‘d to get it now. It’s not that heavy and I brought it up to my room from the main floor with out a problem. Though when we got to the furniture store to pick it up the hours on the door said 12pm We got there at like 10am.

So we went indoors to costumer service and was like um your hours online said this and your hours here are saying one thing we drove fairly far away to get it and if it’s in the warehouse we desire to get it now if possible. Well we got lucky and was able to get it right there and then. We found this website offering remarkable coverage of high heel shoe chair reviews. So we go back to where costumers pick-up from the warehouse and when we were let in a costumer was already there so I dunno go figure lol. The important thing is I got my chair haha

To be honest it’s perfect for what I want it for and it goes great with my Marilyn Monroe theme. I ‘d a hideous chair in my room that I used to put my socks on in the morning or throw my pjs on in the morning. It is quite low to the ground but its like an ideal size to do part of my workout on which is measure ups.

I don’t think its worth the pricy price tag it retails for. Though it is hardy I’m glad I only paid $112.00 with tax. Any who moving on to the best part which is the photo’s. I shot a few shots but these are the ones I went with. Check out this page for in-depth information covering high heel shoe chair reviews. One just the chair with out my MILLIMETERS throw pillow and one with it.