Pregnant Smokers Should Be Charged

An expecting mother abuse her own child and yet it is fine!

slide01_smoking_affects_unborn_childPregnant women who smokes should be charged, fined or locked away in prison. Why public choose to ignore the fact that these women freely choose to harm their unborn baby? Why is it normal to make unborn baby sick? I am walking down the street with my toddler and my eyes are glued to little bump of women crossing the road. She is happily smoking cigarette, her family surrounded around her. She gave me strange look and I gave her mine. My unborn baby kicked me hard and reminded me that I could be actually one of them. Hate towards that women started to take over the beautiful morning. Why is it happening? Why people just look and do nothing? Like I just did?

The Public Has Accepted Child Abuse:

If I now open can of beer and give it to my toddler, public would be offended. Or if I offer him cigarette and he starts to smoke it, I would be criminal. People could report me to the police and child could be taken away from me. That is okay. But why unborn baby who can’t even say ‘No mummy thank you!’ hasn’t got right to be healthy??? Why is it fine with everybody that pregnant smokers can harm their babies as much as they want to? Doctors knows, midwifes knows, neighbors knows, husband knows, everybody is aware of situation that this is harmful, yet it is fine. If you give cigarette to one minute old baby, there will be consequences. If you give cigarette to you baby one hour before is born, it will be accepted as bad habit.

I believe that this woman should be fined, charged, reported, locked in the prison. I believe that her unborn baby should be protected as a human being and given the same change for life that we all deserve!