6 Super Bowl Prop Bets Secrets You Never Knew

Twelve teams enter the 2016 NFL playoffs looking to win the Super Bowl, but just several of the contenders appear to truly have a legitimate chance to win a championship. The New England Patriots possess the very best odds to win the title, but the NFC has the very best possibility of generating the Super Bowl winner.

Super Bowl betting odds reveal who the people believes will end the season on top, but it doesn’t always signify what teams are most likely to win it all. The Patriots and Arizona Cardinals have better odds than the Carolina Panthers, who lead the NFL with a 15-1 record. Only one AFC team has better Super Bowl odds than the Seattle Seahawks, but the Denver Broncos have a more realistic chance to play in Super Bowl 50, considering they have a bye and home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

Below is a look at entire Super Bowl betting odds, supplied by Bovada.lv. Moreover, FiveThirtyEight used probabilities based on 20,000 simulations to calculate the probability each playoff team has to win the title in February. If you need to know more about Best Super Bowl Betting 2016, go to this page.

New England Patriots ( 450, 13 percent likelihood)

With possibly the top quarterback ever in Tom Brady along with the NFL’s most dangerous weapon in Rob Gronkowski, it is easy to see why New England has been favored in every game this season. That should continue in the AFC playoffs, but having to potentially play in Denver hurts the Patriots’ Super Bowl chances.

Arizona Cardinals ( 450, 17 percent probability)

Arizona might be the one team which could make New England an underdog for the very first time this season. The Cardinals might be favored by as much as a touchdown in their first playoff game, though seeing the Panthers in the NFC Championship Game would make it hard for them to reach the Super Bowl.

Carolina Panthers ( 475, 20 percent likelihood)

Even though they finished two matches ahead of anyone else, the Panthers still aren’t being treated like the NFL’s finest team. Carolina won’t play on the road this postseason, and they’re 8-0 at home, winning by an average of 16 points per match.

Seattle Seahawks ( 550, nine percent chance)

Seattle is the No.6 seed, but bettors have not forgotten about their two straight trips to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks are playing as well as any NFC team with six wins in their last seven games and the NFL’s No.1 scoring defense, but having to win three straight road games seriously limits their chances of reaching the Super Bowl for a third straight year.

Denver Broncos ( 600, 15 percent opportunity)

They’re the No.1 seed in the AFC, but the Broncos are not among the Super Bowl favorites because of their quarterback situation. Denver mightn’t be a top-four Super Bowl candidate for the gambling public, but they do have wins against the three other AFC teams with at least 11 triumphs.

Pittsburgh Steelers ( 900, four percent opportunity)

Much like the Seahawks in the NFC, many specialists believe the Steelers can win the Super Bowl as the No.6 seed. Pittsburgh is 4-4 on the road, though Ben Roethlisberger helped the Steelers win the Super Bowl 10 years ago by winning three straight road games.

Kansas City Chiefs ( 1600, eight percent chance)

The Chiefs are the hottest team in football, having ended the regular season with 10 straight wins. The big question remains whether or not Alex Smith can win a Super Bowl. The veteran quarterback plays alongside the NFL’s No.3 scoring defense, and he would likely have to win three road games to reach the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers ( 2200, three percent chance)

The Packers were the NFC favorites in the early part of the season, but six losses in 10 games have made them longshots to win the title. Aaron Rodgers posted his worst passer rating since he became the team’s starting quarterback in 2008. Green Bay will need the defense to step up.

Cincinnati Bengals ( 2500, five percent probability)

The Bengals were tied for the very best record in the AFC, but Andy Dalton’s thumb injury could prevent them from getting past Wild Card Weekend. It’s unknown who’ll start for Cincinnati in the first round, and the team has already lost at home to Pittsburgh with AJ McCarron at the helm.

Minnesota Vikings ( 2800, three percent chance)

The Vikings defeated the Packers to win the NFC North on Sunday, however they still have worse Super Bowl chances than Green Bay. Minnesota has the least successful quarterback of any NFC playoff team in Teddy Bridgewater.

Washington Redskins ( 4000, one percent chance)

Neither the pros nor the betting public believes in the Redskins, who won a weak NFC East. Washington enters the playoffs on a four-match winning streak, but they haven’t beaten a team above .500 this season.

Houston Texans ( 6600, one percent chance)

The Texans are the only playoff team with less than 10 wins. They are home underdogs in the first round of the postseason. There is a lot of great material about 2016 Prop Bets Super Bowl on this website.